SophicApp Technologies Private Limited is a startup company which is incorporated in February 2018 and is just beginning to develop to find its feet (establish itself) as a successful organization. Company has been established with the vision of delivering high-end customized application development to establishing and executing highly successful website and IT related services. Our customer centric strategies coupled with our expertise ensures the success of the businesses and the clients that we deal with. We closely work with our users, understand their requirements and formulate an action plan to execute the same so that they achieve their desired results. The simplest objective of our company is Continuous growth and improvement. We believe in providing simplest solutions for your complex application development needs. We do have an outstanding team of highly efficient and qualified app developers who combine their proficiency and knowledge to create next-gen applications.

Embracing and empowering innovation is one of our forte.

When sheer performance is what you are looking for?

You Can Simply Trust Us!

All said and done, we have certain services which you as customers can avail, depending upon your requirements.

At SophicApp Technologies We Ensure

Exceptional User Experience

We design and develop apps that are user-friendly i.e. easy to use yet exceptional. Generally, usability and user experience are the terms that are often ignored. The more difficult the usability of your app or the website is the higher becomes the bounce rate. We ensure clear navigation and compelling performance of all the apps and website development.

100% Reliability and Quality Assurance

We provide reliable app development solutions based on verified and authentic techniques. Our quality assurance recommends various app environment, system version, devices on which the app need to be tested, etc to ensure the apps that we deliver is 100% reliable and without any flaws.

Proven Cost-Effective Approach

As we apply an optimized technical approach to provide you with the best return on your investment. We analyze the necessity and the requirement of the clients and accordingly suggest the kind of environment required whether a native app development is required or a hybrid app. As a result, the cost of development is affected.